MARINER ghostly seer, can be played by man or woman, likely 50-85, who speaks only in verse from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner

TOWSON mid-late 20s, early-career businessman, successful, driven, arrogant but also likeable, handsome

BETH 20s, works for Save the Children, fiercely optimistic.  A realist, but a do-gooder.  Straight-shooter.  PhD Candidate.

SHANE 20s or 30s, colleague of Towson, self-involved. nutty. over-caffeinated. smart.

LINDSAY 40s, CEO, hardened by her tough climb to success

MACK late 30s-40s, a large imposing gangster/teddy bear of a man.  loyal, playful

CARA early to late 20s, colleague with a dry sense of humor.  go-getter.  detail-oriented. fashionable.



Chorus of singers and dancers who play office workers, passengers, etc.


The albatross can be a combination of dancer(s), a puppet, a video projection. It can be one of these elements, or all. It can shapeshift, but should always be recognizable to the audience. For most of the play the only ones who see the albatross are Towson and the Mariner.